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The report about the fear based oppressor assault on Malala Yousafzai the high school Pakistani dissident prompted a flood of global judgments. At some point later, Malala was granted with the Nobel Peace prize that she merited. However, is any one without a doubt mindful of the degree of mistreatment and wrongdoing that has been going on against a large number of “Malalas” since 35 years back by the decision mullahs in Iran? What has been realized before open the wrongdoing of mullahs against the Iranian ladies is only a tip of chunk of ice of what is in fact going on in Iran. So as to have a superior comprehension of the reactionary philosophy of the Iran’s decision mullahs, it is smarter to peruse a few comments by top positioning pioneers of this system on how they see government and status of ladies.

• Khomeini: “Velayat Faghih”(rule of mullahs) resembles deciding a mate for a child. There is no contrast among individuals and a child.

• Khomeini in his book named “Tahrir al-Vasila”: “ladies are detestable animals. In the event that a lady ceases from keeping up an appropriate spot for fulfillment of her better half, at that point her significant other has the privilege to bit her and take harder measures until she is compelled to submit.”

• Rafsanjani – June seventh, 1991:” the physical contrast among ladies and men demonstrates that men better fit all exercises. The size of cerebrum of men is greater. These distinctions are significant in deciding duties, rights and occupations of ladies.”

Indeed, with such a belief system dependent on religious autocracy and sexism of the medieval system that Khomeini set up in Iran in 1979, he figured out how to turn into the purpose of yearning for all fundamentalists in Muslim countries.

A brief glance at certain occasions identified with the state of ladies in Iran since start of the standard of mullahs in Iran in 1979:

• Many ladies lost their positions for resisting Khomeini’s strict declaration of mandatory cover

• Khomeini gave a declaration for assaulting of detained young ladies and taking blood of political detainees

• Women comprise 33% of 120000 executed political detainees in Iran

• Women and young ladies in boulevards are assaulted with corrosive and shaper for not putting on legitimate shroud

• Women are stoned and tossed down from high focuses for supposed sexual charges

• Taraneh Moussavi an Iranian demonstrator was scorched subsequent to being assaulted by progressive gatekeepers

• Iran has the most noteworthy positioning for ladies self destruction among Middle East nations

• …

The couple of previously mentioned realities, make it very clear why the Iranian individuals and Iranian opposition consider the mullahs system the adoptive parent of ISIS, and why the Iranian individuals see Maryam Rajavi as their lone purpose of expectation. Maryam Rajavi is the pioneer of an opposition that has made the entire world mindful of Iran’s mystery atomic exercises. Past that, she has focused on that the danger of Iran’s fundamentalism is multiple times more than its atomic risk. In 1993, by distributing a book, the Iranian obstruction called “Islamic Fundamentalism” the new risk for the world, yet this call was ignored. Also, presently, the world is confronted with an influx of fundamentalism that is the immediate result of West’s approach of settlement with mullahs. Presently the stirred still, small voice of the individuals of the world have joined the Iranian obstruction and in an assembled front and in the extraordinary social occasion of Iranian opposition on June thirteenth will yell ” no to fundamentalism – yes to a free and non-atomic Iran. No to medieval sexism and no to fear based oppression.”

Peggy Burton